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Routine inspections and tune-ups on sprinkler system

We also offer routine inspections and tune-ups on your sprinkler systems and highly recommend having it done in the spring and fall. This will keep your system running at top performance. By routinely changing the nozzles, installing the proper heads, and maintaining the correct height of the head through the riser can prevent your system from malfunctioning in the future. If you do notice a problem such as low water pressure or wet areas this is an indication of a serious problem such as a broken sprinkler pipe or a problem with a valve. You need to contact us here at Coronado Sprinkler Repair. We offer a 24 hour service for valves that are stuck. A broken pipe can waste gallons of water and cost you a lot of money.

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Coronado Sprinkler Repair has several services available. We provide service to every type of irrigation repair. We do sprinkler system checks and adjustments, leaks, valve repairs, vacuum breaker repair and every type of sprinkler head replacement imaginable. We carry a huge variety of heads like Toro, Rainbird, Hunter and Weathermatic to name a few. We also install and repair rain/ freeze sensors. We can adjust and repair all type soft irrigation controllers and heads, including the pop up sprinkler and rotary sprinkler heads. We also offer many other great services which include valves, sprinklers, timers, and heads. We specialize in drip irrigation. Drip irrigation will conserve your water and save you tons of money. The system allows only the precise amount of water on your lawn and garden and provides adequate coverage for hilly areas as well. Water runoff is nearly eliminated with this system decreasing erosion and helping the environment. We also offer a five-year warranty on our entire sprinkler and drip repairs.

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Our service trucks are fully equipped with all of the latest parts and equipment to get any and every job done. We only use the highest quality parts to repair your sprinkler or irrigation system. We believe in doing it right the first time. By using higher quality parts we can better prevent future system malfunctions. We work on old and new systems. If you have a system that was installed before 1970 you are in luck because we carry parts for late model systems.